In March 2022 we launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign to make THINQTANQ greener and more awesome. The members of THINQTANQ, Plymouth City Council and the people of Plymouth came out swinging and helped us to raise over £60,000! We are using that money to provide facilities for start-up businesses, solar panels to reduse our impact and many other things to make the world a better place.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for your amazing support!


Our Supporters

Plymouth City Council, Charlie Wick, Esther Scali, Judith Haaser, Jessica Holliland, Archer Wick, Rachel Dobbs, Laura Marples, Jodie Wick, Ross Bearman, Anna Bailey, Millie Coombes, Julia Kelemen, Tony Edwards, Mia Ward-Edwards, Dan Goodwin, Bluefruit Software, Marcus Shirley, Twist Board Game Cafe, Daniel Stones, Emily Tarrant, Hayley Summers, Phil Rushworth, Jason Holton, Hannah Fleming-Hill, Andy Felterbush, Dylan Coles, Emily Summers, Jo, Judith Haaser, Amy Howie, Deborah Cracknell, Andrew Whitehouse, Duggie Summers, Lynsey Shaw, Borrow Don’t Buy
Craig Bull, Paul Webber, Kate Shirley, Joe Phillips, lola_d, Caroline Harrison, Lisa Grubb, Ben Rhodes, S Parrow-Line, Stuart Harrison, Martin Howitt, Theresa Green, Esta Eliazabeth, Christopher Hunt, Marcus Shirley, Louise Clapp, Sam Haydock, Sol Moyano, Matthew Jaques, Michael Manlove, Lauren Brunton, Teresa Manlove, Caroline Danks, Plymouth Social Enterprise Network, Angela Willis, Gareth Dickson, Cher Varya Group, Emma Dansie, Serena June Horgan, Chervarya, Garry Hunt, Leigh Ibbotson, Christopher Weight, Sarah Dillon, Laura Kelly, Darin Beckett, Andy Mantell, Hazel Ward, Kirsty Wick, Neil Tancock, Follow The Walls, Tim Nurse, Michael Edwards, Ana Pinto, Louise Baldwin, Chervarya, Seamus McCoy, Matthew Grant, Cherokee Mahoney, Alix Harvey, Adele Wheeler, Hilary Phillips Kolinsky, Kirsty Wick, Cheryl Boxall, Tristan Harris, James Palmer-Rimmer, Claire Hamley, Claire Fridd, Rebecca Falvey, Melanie Cheeseman, Gareth Hart, Sam Jackman, Jenna Martin, Clare Green, Gareth Landen, Mike Cobb, Teresa Pardoe, Naomi Jennifer Ames