Thank you so much for all of your support over the C-19 period, THINQTANQ and I couldn’t
have made it to this point without you all, so thank you.

The office is open and available for use. There are some C-19 specific risk assessments so
please ask me for these if you need them but the condensed version is below. It has been
difficult to try and find a way of ensuring a safe working environment that respects each of
you as individuals with the ability to make good choices on behalf of yourselves and others
but at the same time ensures that we are all as safe as possible. I believe I have struck a
good line between personal responsibility and collective responsibility but I welcome any
input that you may have and am very happy to change things up if we find certain measures
aren’t working for us.

General Reopening I am working my way through this tricky period as best I
can, If you see something you think could be done better,
please let me know. I want to provide the best, most
inclusive, most awesome workspace I can for you.
Symptoms of Covid 19
(or any other communicable
If you have symptoms of Covid 19, please do not come to
the office.I know none of you would, but I have to remind
you. If you do develop symptoms, I would appreciate it if
you could let me know so that I can make sound decisions
on what steps need to be taken here. You are not obliged
to do this, but I would appreciate it. As part of the reopening
process I will be updating personal details that I hold for
each of you in line with the government guidance.
Meetings – Internal Parties If you are having a meeting with someone from
THINQTANQ, or taking a call/zoom/need some privacy.
Please use the Meeting Room on the first floor and make
sure you clean down the table and any other objects that
are used with alcohol. Please also observe social
distancing rules.
Meetings – External Parties If you are inviting someone to THINQTANQ for a meeting,
please consider using the outside space in the soon to be
renamed square or, if this is not desirable or the weather is
inclement, use the white room upstairs. Contact me as
usual to book or use the screens (they should be back
online soon) and please make sure you clean down the
table and any other objects that are used with alcohol.
Please also observe social distancing rules.
Hand Sanitiser I have created a hand sanitiser station. You are welcome to
help yourself to a bottle of the 70% alcohol gel to be kept
on your desk. When it runs out, simply return the bottle to
the empty area and take a fresh, full one. I will clean and
refill these bottles as needed.
Facemasks and PPE The wearing of facemasks in the office is neither
encouraged nor discouraged. I do have a supply of non
latex nitrile gloves available if you require them, just ask.
Shared Food Shared food will not be permitted for distribution within the
office unless it is individually wrapped. For example
chocolates such as Roses. If you do share food with fellow
coworkers in this way, please make sure to observe good
hygiene practices.
Cleaning The frequency of cleanings will be increased and we will
continue to use a mixture of products including 70% alcohol
Physical Barriers Chairs are spaced at 1.5m apart from side to side and 1.5m
face to face. Where a natural barrier (a large monitor or two
for example) does not exist between two people sitting face
to face, a barrier must be put in place (one of the pallet
based dividers will be fine). In the event this is not possible,
then one of the desks must be vacated to ensure the
minimal risk of transmission.
Stairs When using the stairs, please ensure that you allow
someone already on the stairs to complete their journey
and do not crowd them. Please remain 2m behind the next
person travelling in the same direction as you on the stairs
New Members/Referrals At the moment I have stopped day pass users unless they
have booked enough passes to justify dedicating a specific
desk to them. This will continue for the foreseeable future,
however I have also changed to allow those who use the
space for 4 or more days a month to have a specific desk.
Payments I am trying to minimise payments in person, hopefully this
will be taken care of by limiting day pass users for the time
being but for the avoidance of doubt, please ensure that
you can settle your invoice using bank transfer (my
preference) or gocardless/stripe etc. Thanks!

If you have any questions about this, or you aren’t sure which category you fit into, drop me
an email or catch me at the office and I will do my best to sort it out.
Now, with all that boring but essential stuff out of the way, all that remains is for me to
say thank you again and in the words of the great Sherlock Holmes,

“Watson. Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same.”

I cannot wait to see you all in the office at your earliest convenience!